Join Young Leiden University (Jong Universiteit Leiden, JUL)!

Are you, or will you soon be, working at Leiden University? And do you feel young? Come and join Young Leiden University (Jong Universiteit Leiden, JUL). JUL is a network for young staff members who want to get the most out of their work: collaboration, knowledge exchange, personal development and conviviality are key elements in all the activities that are organised.

Get to know your colleagues at other faculties, institutes and the administration and central services. Do colleagues at other places have similar opportunities and challenges? At our monthly events you can discuss your experiences and ambitions at Leiden University and learn from your peers in an informal context. You can also use these occasions to expand your network within the university or the other universities, governmental agencies or companies that we visit, providing ample opportunities for future work efforts.

JUL Board 2017; Jasper, Yoran, Sabrina, Gaye, Charlie en Laura

JUL Board 2017; Jasper, Yoran, Sabrina, Gaye, Charlie en Laura

Becoming a member

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JUL organises monthly events. These activities include excursions to faculties and other institutions, informative and informal get-togethers, events and workshops.

A selection of JUL activities in 2017:

  • Kick-off workshop “Self-Empowerment”
  • LDE Pubquiz (a JUL-classic; this year Leiden University is the host!)
  • Elegant Christmas Dinner (another classic JUL event!)
  • Canal cruise with a surprise guest (the ultimate JUL classic!)
  • Elegant Christmas dinner at the Hortus

JUL structure

The JUL-board consists of 6 young employees of Leiden University, who run the network voluntarily alongside their work. In addition, the board is represented by an ambassador at every faculty, acting as representatives of Young Leiden University to the faculties, institutes and, Administration and Central Services. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the board of JUL, or the ambassador of your institute.

JUL Board 2017

Gaye Eksen (Chair)
After studying, assisting and a bit of teaching at Leiden University, I found my calling started advising students. Since 2013, I am a part of the Mobility Team of SEA International Relations and also Institute of Public Administration. My main responsibility is informing students about study abroad possibilities. In January 2017 I became the chairperson of the board of Young Leiden University of which I was a member. As the new board our aim is to set forth our predecessors’ work and we place collaboration, binding and development very high in our network’s agenda.

Laura Kamsma (Secretary)
From January 2017 onwards, I work at the SEA International Relations Office as an international programmes officer for exchange students. This is not my first job at Leiden University, I also spent part of my (short) career at the University Library and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Working at different locations made me realize that many young employees are not aware of the possibilities the Young Leiden University association has to offer. My goal is to actively recruit as much as new, enthusiastic members as possible. Needless to say, I will also be there to listen to the current members. As the Young Leiden University 2017 board secretary I am looking forward to an overflowing inbox, so do not hesitate to share your ideas with me!

Yoran Kremer (Treasurer)
Traveller, archaeologist, reader, gamer, writer, baker of sweets and language enthusiast are some words to describe me. At the university I work as a caretaker at the Plexus student centre. To be honest I have never actually been to a JUL activity yet, but since their purpose really spoke to me I decided to join the board. I will be the treasurer this year and I am looking forward to seeing a lot of colleagues at our events. 

Charlie Ramsaran (Activities)

Jasper Bitter (External Relations)
Since 2015, I've been working as a policy adviser at Leiden University’s Student Support Services. Here, I focus on the themes employability, student support, and diversity and inclusion. I find it very important to empower students and give them opportunities to develop themselves to the fullest during their studies. Growing and developing yourself, however, are processes that do not stop after your studies. That's why I think that young employees should also be given space to work on their talents. I think that empowering young employees of Leiden University is one of JUL’s main tasks.

Sabrina Otterloo (PR)
After coloring my resume with history, government, research, and web editing, I'm currently communications adviser at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In my daily working routine I already meet a lot of colleagues from different parts of our University. JUL adds a more informal network, other views and inspiration to that. What our board of six enthusiasts will bring you this year, you can follow on Facebook as well. So: like, comment, and share, so we know what you want out of JUL activities and that we are making you happy. I will walk around with my camera as well (and I'm easily bribed with a 'bitterbal'...) See you at our events!

JUL Ambassadors

  • Administration and Central Services: Angelique Wensveen 
  • Campus The Hague: Daria Janssen
  • Humanities: Michelle van der Voort 
  • ICLON: Stefanie Kloosterman 
  • Science: Desiree Le Large 
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences: Jule Forth
  • Student and Educational Affairs: Florine Weekenstroo 

Is your faculty or department not on this list and do you want to be JUL ambassador? Then please contact the JUL Board

We would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions and suggestions about our activities or you would like more information in general, please contact JUL via

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Last Modified: 03-03-2017