Tax return 2016 due before 1 May

To start with, some good news: often, you are not obliged and it is not worthwhile to file a Dutch tax return. This will be the case if you only had Dutch employment income during the complete calendar year and are not entitled to any deductions (like mortgage interest) and did not receive an invitation (blue envelope) to file a Dutch tax return

In the following situations it is required or can be worthwhile to file a Dutch tax return:

1. You are invited to file your Dutch income tax return
2. You arrived or left the Netherlands during the year
3. You paid mortgage interest on your own house in the Netherlands
4. You paid alimony payments, educational or other deductible expenses
5. You may expect that Dutch income tax is due

Filing deadline

In the Netherlands the tax year coincides with the calendar year. Your 2016 Dutch income tax return must be submitted be before 1 May 2017. You may request a further extension, but this should be filed before 1 May 2017. You can do so by contacting the tax authorities directly or your tax adviser

In case you need help

Leiden University has concluded a favourable agreement with LIMES International Tax + Expat BV (“LIMES”) regarding practical assistance with your Dutch tax issues. Please note that you are of course at liberty to contact your own tax adviser. Nevertheless, if you are interested in contracting LIMES to file your tax return, please contact the Service Centre for International Staff. They will provide you with an application form, including rates, terms & conditions. Meetings will take place at the premises of Leiden University if they can be combined with meeting other Leiden University employees.

Book appointment online

You can check available time slots and book your in-house appointment digitally through the tax advice planner with LIMES International.

Seminar and walk-in tax mornings

On 8 March the Expat Centre and Limes International will organise an event explaining the Dutch Tax system and 30% ruling in more detail.
Time: 19.30
Place: Voorschoterweg 23G, Valkenburg.
For more information and registration, please check the website of Expat Centre Leiden

Last Modified: 06-03-2017