P&O News 1 February 2017

Seminar International Education

The Municipality of Leiden and Expat Centre Leiden are organising a free seminar on the Dutch education system. During this seminar Annebet van Mameren from New2nl will explain all you need to know about the Dutch education system. She will discuss the level of Dutch education compared to other Western countries, the differences in educational philosophies (Montessori, Dalton, Waldorf, etc.), preschool, secondary school, international schools, after-school care, etc. The focus will be on the schools in Leiden and the surrounding towns.

Location: De Stal, Darwinweg 1 (Parking is limited, we advise you to take public transport or your bike)
Date: 6 February 2017
Time: 20:00 hours

You are welcome from 7:30pm for coffee or tea. This event and the first two drinks are offered to you free-of-charge by the Municipality of Leiden and the Expat Centre Leiden.


Please feel free to send this invitation to other internationals, mentioning signing up is mandatory.

Last Modified: 31-01-2017