5000 euros for the best idea to bring Dutch and international students together

Who has the best idea to bring Dutch and international students in contact with one another? Send your idea in and you could win 5,000 euros from the Van Bergen Fund to put your plan into practice.

5,000 euros to put your plan into practice

Have you got a creative idea for improving the contacts between Dutch and international students? Leiden has more than 23,000 students and over 2,000 of them come from abroad. There are around 110 different nationalities represented in Leiden and The Hague. How can you get them to mix? Get together with some fellow students, make a plan and you could win 5,000 to carry it out.

Who can submit an idea?

Everyone who is associated with Leiden University:

  • international and Dutch students

  • PhD candidates

  • lecturers

  • professors

  • support and administrative staff

  • student and study associations

  • combinations of groups and organisations

The prize will go to the group or organisation that submits the best and most innovative plan. The winning team can use the prize money to implement their plan.


What kind of ideas can you submit?

  • Organising activities in the first month of a semester relating to activities or tutorials where there are a lot of international students.

  • Making it possible for new international students to take part in cultural or sporting activities together with Dutch students (for example, a choir, a band, a music ensemble, a dance club or a sports club).

See what the winners from previous years have achieved

Van Bergen Fund

The prize of 5,000 euros is awarded by the Van Bergen Fund. The aim of the fund is to encourage contacts between Dutch and international students. The Fund was set up in 2005 to mark the retirement of Joris van Bergen, Vice-President of the Executive Board.

Deadline and small print: criteria, guidelines, regulation


24 October 2016


The plan:

  • is an innovative activity for the Leiden University community

  • stimulates contacts between Dutch and international students or promotes better relations between different cultures

  • is intended for a broad target group, for exaxmple, the whole Leiden community or a large group within the University

  • can be organised on a large scale without further support from the Van Bergen Fund

  • finances the start of the initiative (man hours are not funded, but are on a voluntary basis; no food or drink are funded)

  • is easy to put into practice


To help you, here are some guidelines for setting up your plan. You can include the following categories:

  • Introduction of your idea and a description of the aims (300 w ords);

  • Description of how the plan can be implemented before 1 January 2018, including a planning of the actions (300 words)

  • Budget plan, including other sources of funding

Competition rules

  • The person or group of participants is studying at Leiden University or have an employment contract.

  • Plans submitted after 24 October 2016 will not be considered.

  • The result of the competition is binding.

  • Participants may only submit one plan.

  • The prize will be awarded on 1 December 2016 in Leiden. You will be present at the ceremony on 1 December and prepared to present your plan to the audience.

  • The amount of the prize is determined on the basis of the budget for the plan, and will be a maximum of 5,000 euros.


The jury will be made up of students and staff of Leiden University. The members will evaluate the plans on the basis of the above criteria.

The best submissions will be nominated. The nominees will present their plan at the Diversity Symposium on 1 December 2016. The winning idea will be announced the same day.

How can you submit your plan?

We are interested to hear your plan. You can submit it in English in PDF-format via this web form.

Last Modified: 19-10-2016