A list of all options within the Individual Choices Model

An overview of all options.

A. Choices within Self Service (digital forms)

1.    Offset of commuting allowance against gross income

2.    Offsetting study and training expenses

3.    Offsetting professional expenses

4.    Offsetting union fees

5.    Offsetting annual gym membership

6.    Offsetting purchase of bicycle for commuting

7.    Offset of annual maintenance costs for a bicycle used for commuting

8.    Converting income into extra leave hours

9.    Converting leave hours into extra income

10.   Increasing your balance within the multi-year savings option

B. Choices (paper forms can be downloaded from this site)

11.   Extending parental leave

12.   Extra leave for study or training

13.   Life course scheme: saving for leave (only in Dutch)

14.   ABP Extra Pension

Last Modified: 30-01-2012