Converting leave hours into extra income

You may sell leave hours via the Individual Choices Model.

How many hours am I allowed to sell?

You can exchange a maximum of 38 leave hours for extra income. If you work part time, you may also use 38 leave hours as long as you have sufficient leave hours.

Terms and Conditions

  • You may only use full hours.
  • You are only allowed to sell leave hours that you have built up over the current calendar year. You are therefore not allowed to use your leave hours balance from previous calendar years.
  • If you sell leave hours, you must retain the statutory minimum of four weeks of holiday per year.
  • If you have multiple paid appointments at the University, the maximum of 38 hours applies for all of these appointments together.

Please note

  • For all targets in the Individual Choices Model together, you may use a maximum of 76 leave hours. Of these 76 leave hours you may therefore convert a maximum of 38 into salary.

  • Your leave hours will be paid out gross. You pay tax over this payment.

Can my manager reject my application?

You should consult your manager about converting leave hours into extra income. Your employer may reject your request, for example, because it might cause scheduling problems, because there is too little work for you to work extra hours or because budget problems would arise due to the choices made by employees.

More information

One hour is equal to 0.704% of a full-time gross monthly salary. This has been defined in the Collective Labour Agreement.

Application deadline

You must apply to sell leave hours by 30 November at the latest.


You can apply via Self Service.

Last Modified: 30-01-2012