Converting income into extra leave hours

You may buy extra leave hours via the Individual Choices Model. You can use your salary, holiday pay or end-of-year bonus for this.

Terms and Conditions

  • You may only buy full hours.
  • You must take the extra leave hours in the same calendar year. If you do not take the extra leave hours, they expire at the end of the calendar year.
  • You may buy additional leave of a maximum of 10% of your working hours.

Please note

The use of monetary sources may have consequences for social security payments. There are also restrictions to using gross income. Read more about this in the Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model under Consequences to and restrictions to participation in tax regulations.

Can my manager reject my application?

If you wish to buy additional leave, you should consult your manager. Your employer may reject your request, for example, if redeployment is a problem, if this would cause schedule problems would arise or if there is too much work.

More information

One hour is equal to 0.704% of a full-time gross monthly salary. This is defined in the Collective Labour Agreement.

Application deadlines

You must apply to buy extra leave:

  • by 30 April at the latest if you wish to use your holiday allowance;

  • by 30 November at the latest if you wish to use your gross salary or annual bonus.


You can apply via Self Service.

Last Modified: 30-01-2012