More about the Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model

Hoe does it work?

The Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model gives you some freedom to assemble your own set of terms and conditions. You do this by exchanging terms and conditions (sources) for other terms and conditions (targets).

Can anyone participate?

In principle, all employees of Leiden University can make use of the Individual Choices Model, with the exception of unpaid staff members, student assistants with a contract of less than a year, on-call staff, students on work placement and staff members who work on a freelance basis.

Consequences of and restrictions to participation in tax regulations

The use of your salary, holiday allowance or annual bonus may have consequences for possible social security benefits such as the WW benefit ( Werkloosheidswet : Unemployment Act) or the WIA benefit ( Wet werk en inkomen naar arbeidsvermogen ; Employment and Income according to the Capacity to Work Act). Further restrictions apply to the use of salary.