Visiting staff

Visiting members of staff, who have neither an employment contract with the University nor remuneration, carry out work at the University, which is for their own benefit. They do this for a set period of time.

Reasons for granting admission as a visiting member of staff

The University aims to give individuals the opportunity to carry out work at the University that is exclusively or primarily for the benefit of the individual concerned.

Admission and consequences

  • Admission and the withdrawal of admission as a visiting member of staff is granted by the Faculty Board.

  • There is no employment contract and no relationship of authority. You do not have the right to a salary and the Collective Labour Agreement of the Dutch Universities does not apply.

  • Your appointment as a visiting member of staff is of a limited duration.

  • Your admission will be confirmed in writing, indicating its duration, any conditions that apply and the facilities provided.

  • Insofar as applicable, you must possess a residence permit that is valid for the purpose of your stay. Before coming to The Netherlands, there are certain requirements you need to meet. Using our checklist, you can see what you need to do.

  •  We would advise you to ensure that you have sufficient healthcare and personal accident insurance, and also third-party liability insurance (WA-verzekering).

Rights and duties

  • You may not assume any organisational duties (such as providing curriculum teaching).
  • You must observe the house rules.
  • If you carry out or are involved in research you are responsible for maintaining academic integrity
  • You are not insured by employee insurance.
  • However, you are covered by the University’s liability insurance.
  • You do not have the right to vote in elections for participatory bodies.

Last Modified: 28-04-2016