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Become a Postdoc

If you want to pursue an academic career, a postdoc position is the next step after your PhD. This is a temporary position in which you conduct academic research. Every year hundreds of researchers come to Leiden University as a postdoc: about 380 of them in 2015.

PHD students

Leiden University PhD programmes are focused within local Graduate Schools. Earning a PhD at Leiden takes about four years of study and consists of independent and original research under the supervision of a professor. For information about admission procedures and about finding a supervisor, please contact the relevant Graduate School directly.

Visiting staff

Visiting members of staff, who have neither an employment contract with the University nor remuneration, carry out work at the University, which is for their own benefit. They do this for a set period of time.

Student assistants

In order to be appointed as student assistant you must be enrolled as a student at the University. As student assistant you carry out duties with regard to academic teaching or research.

Temporary workers

As a temporary worker you are posted at the University. By far the majority of the temporary workers at the University are employed by JobMotion, the University's internal temping agency.