Annual agreement

Academic staff and non-academic staff employed by one of the faculties of Leiden University and paid according scale 11 or higher of the cao Dutch Universities have the possibility of defining an individual annual agreement with the University.

What does this entail?

Your annual agreement means that you reach an agreement with your manager about the results you are expected to achieve, tasks you have to carry out and your availability. You are then free to organise your own time. Your leave hours are not registered and your leave balance is automatically zero at the end of the calendar year.

Number of hours to be worked per year 2017-2018
The number of hours to be worked for a full-time contract (38 hours per week):

2017 1.675,60 hours
2018 1.683,20 hours

Further information

You can find further information about the annual agreement in the Regulations on Annual Agreements.

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You can participate by checking the annual agreement option on the flexible working hours form.

Application Form Flexible Working Hours

Last Modified: 10-01-2017