Saving for long-term leave

Long-term savings model: save by using leave

Over a period of three, four or five years you can save a maximum of 72 leave hours each year for an uninterrupted, long-term period of leave. You can only participate if you retain the legal minimum of four weeks of holiday per year. Unless otherwise agreed, you take the leave you have saved within a year of the end of the savings period. During the leave you receive your regular salary and you also continue to accumulate leave.

Registering for the long-term savings scheme

You can register by checking the option of ‘long-term savings scheme’ on the Application Form Flexible Working Hours, signing it in full and returning it to your HR department.

Saving extra leave via the terms of employment options model

If you want to add to the balance of your saved hours of leave you can do this with the options model. You can use a maximum of 76 hours annually, on the condition that you retain the legal minimum of four weeks of holiday per year. Please note: this extra savings option does not automatically continue through to the next calendar year; you need to request this anew each year.

Increasing your savings balance with the long-term savings scheme

More information

You can find further information about the long-term savings scheme in article 5.5 of the cao.

Last Modified: 22-07-2015