Leave entitlements

How do I accumulate leave? How many leave hours can I carry over to the next calendar year?

Leave accumulation

The basic leave for a full-time working week of 38 hours is 232 hours per year. For part-time staff members the accumulation is in direct proportion to the contracted hours. You can also add to or subtract from your leave balance if you opt for flexible working hours.

Taking leave

You take leave in the year in which your entitlement to the leave arises. If that is not possible (or it is not possible to take the leave in full), you should make an arrangement with your supervisor about how the balance will be taken up. You can choose from the following options:

  • Flexible working hours (article 5.6, Collective Labour Agreement)
  • An alternative agreement that reduces your leave balance, for example by converting leave hours into extra income via the options model (article 5.4 Collective Labour Agreement)
  • The long-term savings option (article 5.5, Collective Labour Agreement), if work interests permit

Carrying leave over to the next calendar year

You may carry any residual leave hours of the current calendar year to the next calendar year. The residual leave hours must be taken before the end of this next calendar year.

Leave dating from the previous calendar year
On 31 December of the current calendar year all leave from the previous calendar year that has not been taken lapses: for example, leave for the year 2013 that has not been taken lapses on 31 December 2014.

Leave accumulation during maternity leave

You continue to accumulate leave during maternity leave.

Leave accumulation in the event of illness or occupational incapacity

For more information see: illness and incapacity for work.

Termination of your appointment and your leave balance

If you resign from your post during the calendar year, your leave balance is adjusted accordingly. You only accumulate leave for the number of months that you were employed by the University in the current calendar year.

In principle, you take any remaining leave before your last working day. If this is not possible, you can ask your manager to have the remainder paid out.


You can find more information about leave in article 4.7 of the cao and in the Holiday Procedure.

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