Adoption leave

If you adopt a child, you have the right to a maximum of four weeks of paid adoption leave. If you adopt several children at the same time, you may only take adoption leave once.

Taking leave

  • You may take a maximum of four weeks adoption leave. This leave must be taken within a period of 26 weeks, and in principal should be taken consecutively.
  • You may take this leave from four weeks before the child becomes part of your family.
  • If you do not take up the adoption leave before the child enters your family, the adoption leave must have been taken within a period of 26 weeks after the child comes into your family. The entitlement to adoption leave lapses after this period. 
  • You should discuss the timing of your adoption leave with your manager. 
As a foster parent you also qualify for adoption leave. The child must live with you and a fostering contract must be in place. The documents from the office that placed the foster children with you count as a contract.

Requesting adoption leave

You should request adoption leave from you manager at least three weeks before it is to begin (if possible). Once your manager has given his or her approval, you should submit the official request to your HR department. The official documentation is also required for the request. This could mean a statement from the adoption agency, a summary from the population register or a statement from the aliens police.

Illness during adoption leave

If you fall ill during the adoption leave, the leave continues as usual. It is not possible to curtail the leave and take it at a later date.

Further information

For more information about adoption leave you can consult the site of the Government of the Netherlands.

Last Modified: 31-05-2016