Flexible working hours

With the Flexible Working Hours, Holiday and Leave Regulations you can choose to work two hours more or less than the standard working week of 38 hours.

Saving for long-term leave

Over a period of three, four or five years you can save a maximum of 72 leave hours each year for an uninterrupted, long-term period of leave.

Types of special leave

You can find further information about adoption leave, special leave, emergency leave, parental leave, carer’s leave and maternity leave here.

Parental leave

You can take parental leave if you care for a child who is younger than eight. You are also entitled to parental leave for an adopted child, foster child or stepchild living at your address.

Special leave

Information about short-term and long-term special leave. You may qualify for special leave if you move house or attend a wedding or funeral of a family member.

Emergency leave

Emergency leave is leave that you can take if you unexpectedly need to take time off from your work due to an emergency or special personal circumstances.