What is the UTQ?

Good teaching is of critical importance to the University. Good teaching is a skill in itself and it is one that you must develop and maintain. Only then can the University offer the quality that students and financial backers demand. The Dutch universities therefore introduced the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) in 2008. The UTQ is a mark of quality for lecturers who have thus proven that they have mastered the craft. It is a basis from which they can further develop their skills.

The UTQ is compulsory for all new lecturers and for those who are to be promoted, but the BKO is interesting for anyone who teaches. It is not just a testing tool, the programme also helps you evaluate all facets of your lecturing skills and develop them further. The UTQ is valid at all Dutch universities and thus works as a reliable reference on your teaching qualities. Show what you can do.

From portfolio to qualification

For the UTQ certificate you have to meet a series of learning outcomes. You demonstrate this in your own teaching portfolio.


The University provides a number of different forms of support to achieve the learning outcomes, such as a personal mentor, course modules at ICLON and teaching sessions.

Last Modified: 23-03-2015