Internal mobility is both in the University's interest and in your interest as a staff member. A new workplace offers you inspiration and the opportunity to grow. The organisation values motivated colleagues who can also be deployed in other areas, who develop a broad view and who can apply their experience of one work situation in other areas.

So you would like a different job, within or outside the university. What can you do?

  • It is a good idea to think about the next step in your career, to explore the possibilities and to decide what you need in order to make that step. This can result in a first attempt at a personal development plan which you can go through with your manager in your P&D interview.
  • Discuss your personal development and your wish for a different job with your manager in your P&D interview. He or she is likely to have good suggestions or contacts that will help you to move forward.
  • Check the website working at Leiden University regularly. New vacancies appear every Tuesday. Internal candidates take precedence in the event of equal suitability. This means that – as long as they meet the position requirements – they are routinely invited to interview. If the procedure should end in rejection, the internal candidate has the right to a clear, personal explanation.
  • The organisation facilitates internships for support and management staff in the Human Resources, Finance and Communication departments. If you work in one of these departments and are interested in a short-term internship (from a few days to a month) in a different department or a different part of the organisation, you can get in touch with the Mobility Coordinator (contact details further down this page).
  • Your own professional development is very important, especially if you are looking for a new job. You can find an extensive selection of internal courses on the training web page.
  • If you would like help with orienting yourself in your career or with seeking or applying for jobs, then – in consultation with your manager – you can use the Careers Advisory Service. For more information, visit career development.

Questions or suggestions?
Contact Janneke Mulders, Mobility Coordinator, via or by telephone on 071 527 7315. 


Nori Poppeliers (FWN)
Nori Poppeliers is a Human Resources Administrative Coordinator in the Human Resources department of the Faculty of Science. She spent several months as an intern in HRM department at Administration and Central Services. Nori: "My duties consisted of various projects, including support for the development of an HRM product catalogue. On my first day at HRM I felt as if I was starting a new job, with all the good stress that brings with it. I gained insight into HRM tasks, how the department works and the difficult jobs they do there. I was also allowed to take part in the staff meetings, which gave me a good idea of what went on there. I noticed that the distance between a central department and a faculty can be very significant, which is why it was so good and informative to be able to see 'the other side'. That way you have a better idea of what exactly everyone does, and what their responsibilities are. At the same time you are placed in a new situation, which means you have to think outside the box. In that sense, it gave me a lot of new insights. I would recommend anyone to take the chance of an internship if it's offered.

Rob Kamp (FEZ)
Rob Kamp currently works as a policy officer in Financial and Economic Affairs (FEZ) at Administration and Central Services. Before that, he spent about seven years working in the Faculty of Humanities as a Planning and Control assistant. Rob is very satisfied with his change of job: “In this (to me) new position, I'm responsible for developing the 'Management Financial Report', the University's quarterly financial report. As an account manager I also focus on faculty and supporting services. It's interesting to meet new colleagues and discover new work processes and other new things. This has also given me a better idea of the developments and the considerations that play a role in decision-making, on different levels and in different parts of the organisation. Incidentally, I can give the reality of the faculty an even stronger place in the considerations and decision-making of the FEZ department at Administration and Central Services."

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Last Modified: 03-05-2016