Information about payroll tax and payroll tax credit

What exactly is payroll tax? What are payroll tax credits?

What does payroll tax entail?

Payroll tax is the collective name for wage tax, social security premium, employee insurance and the income-related contribution to the Healthcare Insurance Act, that are deducted from your salary.

What are payroll tax credits?

Payroll tax credits are reductions on your income tax and social security contributions. If you work, you have the right to payroll tax credit. This consists of a general tax credit and the employed person’s tax credit. You can only receive payroll tax credit from one employer or benefits agency at a time.

For general information about taxes please visit the website of the Dutch Tax Administration


If you want to request payroll tax credit from the University or you want to stop it, you can use the payroll tax form and hand it in to your HR department.

Last Modified: 03-04-2017