Public transport travel statement

If you travel to work on public transport you can, under certain conditions, deduct a fixed sum from your income. You must deduct any travel expense allowance you receive from the University from this fixed sum.

Why a public transport statement?

In order to qualify for the travel deduction you will need a public transport statement or travel statement. A public transport statement is the proof that you have travelled with public transport. 

You do not need to request a public transport statement if you have used an NS annual route season ticket (NS-Jaartrajectkaart), an NS annual season ticket (NW-Jaarkaart) or a public transport annual season ticket (OV-Jaarkaart). The Dutch Tax Administration receives this directly from the NS. 

If you do not receive a public transport declaration because you use separate train tickets, you can ask your HR department for a travel statement. You can use the form below for this purpose.

Further information

For further information about the conditions of the travel deduction you can visit the site of the Dutch Tax Administration.



Last Modified: 18-07-2012