Computer glasses

Under certain circumstances you may be eligible for a contribution towards the cost of computer glasses, as well as for the cost of the eye test at the optician’s.

When do I need computer glasses?

There comes a time when glasses are needed to be able to read well off a screen. Regular glasses are meant for reading and writing at normal distances. Your screen is further away from you, and the angle at which you read off the screen is different. Therefore, while working at a computer it may be necessary to use computer glasses. Computer glasses are better adapted to those conditions.

Conditions for a contribution towards the costs

  • Your work requires you to use a screen for a minimum of 2 hours a day. 
  • Normal eye correction methods do not provide enough support and you need glasses that are adjusted specifically for working with a screen. 
  • The computer glasses have been prescribed by an optician who is a member of the Dutch Union of Opticians.
  • In principle, you can only apply for a contribution once every 3 years. The contribution to the cost of computer glasses is a maximum of € 375, including VAT, for the frame including the lenses. Of this amount, a maximum of €75, including VAT, is for the frame. 
  • If within the three years the results of an eye examination by an optician show that the purchase of new computer glasses is necessary, you can apply for another contribution.

Company doctor

You do not usually need to visit the company doctor. A written confirmation of the necessity of the purchase of specific computer glasses by the company doctor is only needed if your application exceeds the maximum amounts mentioned above. If this is the case, you should submit the results of your most recent eye test to the company doctor. You should then add the doctor’s written statement to your claim.

Applying for reimbursement

Please submit the original invoice (with the company doctor’s statement, if necessary) to your HR department. The invoice should indicate the following costs separately: the cost of the eye test, the cost of the frame, the lenses and any extras. Additional features are not reimbursed. 

HR will then send you a letter detailing the amount that will be reimbursed. The reimbursement will appear on your pay slip.


Leiden University 2016 Regulation on the contribution to the cost of computer glasses

Last Modified: 31-03-2016