Your pension

Your pension

If you earn a salary from the University, you pay into a pension with the Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP). The ABP pension regulations offer products for retirement, occupational disability and surviving dependants. There are also possibilities of supplementing your pension.

A brief outline of a number of aspects relating to ABP is listed on our website. On you will find all the important information regarding your retirement pension, occupational disability pension and surviving dependants pension, manner of accrual, personal options and advice as to when you are required to take action. Unfortunately ABP has not yet been able to provide the information in English.

What will be the value of your accrued pension? For your pension overview on-line please consult MijnABP.

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Pension accrual

If you earn a salary from the University, you automatically accrue a pension with the Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP). We will register you as member of ABP when you start your employment with the University. 

You are able to accrue your pension in the following three ways:

  1. AOW (Old Age Pension): you receive this pension from the state. On (available in English) you can read more about the AOW and calculate your own AOW-eligibility age.  
  2. Pension managed by ABP. You accrue this pension via your employer. On you can read more about ABP and your pension.
  3. Pension arranged by yourself.  For example via ABP Extra Pension or using an additional scheme via a bank or insurance company, such as the additional pension schemes offered by Loyalis

Transferral of benefits
If you change jobs and pension funds simultaneously, you can – assuming that the private pension fund concerned is willing to co-operate –transfer your accrued pension benefits.

Old age pension

On, via plan your pension, you can find detailed information about retirement and the choices available to you regarding your pension: early or late retirement, more pension for you or your partner, temporarily raising or lowering your pension, retiring immediately or in phases.  The options listed there are those offered by ABP.

Statutory retirement age
The point at which you can start claiming your pension, depends on your retirement age. The AOW-age is raised in steps from 66 years in 2018 to 67 years in 2021. From 2022 the AOW-age will be linked to a person's life expectancy.  Your AOW-age depends on your date of birth. You can calculate your AOW-age on the website of de Sociale Verzekeringsbank. You will receive your first AOW on the day that you reach your AOW age.

ABP Multi-Option Pension (KeuzePensioen)
ABP offers the possibility of taking out the ABP Multi-Option Pension. This means that you can retire at any time from age 60 up to a maximum of 5 years above your AOW age.  The longer you continue to work, the more pension you accrue. A part-time pension is also possible, but at a minimum of 10%.

Your decision to retire early or to gradually reduce your hours of employment is reached in consultation with your employer.  On the basis of the collective labour agreement NU your employment ends in any case on the day on which you reach the AOW state pension age.

How much pension you receive depends on your personal situation, for example, on the number of years you have accrued your pension as well as on your salary. In MijnABP you can see what your pension will look like if you retire earlier or later.

ABP Extra Pension (Extra Pensioen)
If you wish to save extra to supplement your pension, you can do this using the ABP Extra Pension. Your contributions are deducted from your gross salary, which means you benefit from a tax advantage. You can opt for paying a fixed sum per month or paying extra in the case of occasional income (holiday pay or annual bonus). More information on how it all works and how you can apply.

Loyalis also offers products for pension supplement. More information can be found under collective insurance policies.

Net Pension facility
Do you have pensionable earnings exceeding € 101,519? In that case you cannot accrue any pension on the amount exceeding € 101,519. You can compensate the lower pension accrual using the ABP net pension facility. This facility allows for an additional pension accrual. You pay the premium from your net salary.  This facility is optional, which means that you decide whether you want to opt in. For further details please consult

ABP Surviving Dependants Pension (Nabestaandenpensioen)

If you pay into a pension plan at ABP, your partner and children usually receive an ABP Surviving Dependants Pension in the event of your death.  Find out who qualify as your surviving relatives and if and when they are entitled to an ABP Surviving Dependants Pension.  Do you co-habit with a partner and do you have a co-habitation contract drawn up by a civil law notary?  Or did you get married abroad? In that case you can get ABP to register your co-habitation. This registration or application offers partners of deceased persons insured by ABP the right to claim a surviving dependants pension.

You can also take out additional insurance through Loyalis. More information on the surviving dependents insurance can be found under collective Insurance policies.

ABP Partner Plus Pension
The ABP Partner Plus Pension used to allow you to save up for extra pension for your surviving dependant.  This is no longer possible as from 1 January 2016. The amount accrued in the ABP Partner Plus Pension remains yours.

ABP Occupational Disability Pension (Arbeidsongeschiktheidspensioen)

In the event of occupational disability you may receive the WIA benefit. In that case you may be entitled to a non-contributory pension accrual whereby ABP tops up your income with ABP Occupational Disability Pension. Certain conditions apply. Check to see if you are entitled to the ABP Occupational Disability Pension on

You can also take out additional insurance so as to claim a higher WIA benefit. If you take out an additional Insurance with Loyalis, you can apply up to six months following the start of your employment without having to provide a medical certificate.  

Your pension and changes in your work or private life

Changes in your work or private situation can affect your pension. Have you switched to a new job? Have you become unemployed? Have you got married, started co-habiting or got divorced? You can read more about the effects on your pension on the ABP website.

Further information

  • What will be the value of your accumulated pension? You can read further information about pension accumulation on the ABP site (in Dutch).
  • You can view your pension overview online on MijnABP (in Dutch). 

Last Modified: 26-05-2016