Collective insurance

The University has a number of collective insurance plans for its staff. Read more about these.

Collective health insurance

The University has a collective insurance agreement with Zorg en Zekerheid for staff members. A discount of 10% is given on the basic insurance policy and 15% on the supplementary insurance policies (aanvullende verzekeringen; AV) of your choice. All new staff members can apply with immediate effect for these discounts. Other staff members can open up a health insurance policy with Zorg en Zekerheid as of the end of each year.

More information on the collective health Insurance Zorg en Zekerheid

Collective insurance for business travel

The Executive Board has obtained collective travel insurance coverage through Centraal Beheer Achmea covering business travel for staff and for contract PhD candidates of the university. You do not need to arrange a business travel insurance when you go abroad on business or fieldwork.

More information on the collective insurance for business travel.

Private insurance package

You receive extra discounts on private insurance and other services from Meeùs via the Staff Benefits Plan (only in Dutch).

To calculate the premium online or to request a quotation, you use the collective code of the University: 10016.

More information about the private insurance                                              

Extra insurance in case of disability

The risk of occupational disability and invalidity is insured collectively with ABP. However, you can opt for extra insurance that might entitle you to higher WIA (Work and Income [Capacity for Work] Act) benefits. If you wish to take out extra insurance with Loyalis (in Dutch), you can apply for this up to six months after commencement of employment without having to fill in a medical declaration. The University’s collective contract means you pay your contribution for this Extra Insurance in Case of Disability via your salary.

Surviving dependents insurance

With the Loyalis surviving dependents insurance (nabestaandenverzekering; in Dutch) you can secure the financial future of your surviving relatives if you die. This is an additional insurance for which you can sign up yourself. It exists independent of your ABP Surviving Dependents Pension accrual.

Supplementary pension

Using a Loyalis supplementary pension (in Dutch), you can manage extra income during your pension yourself. ABP also offers a possibility to accrue additional pension.

Participation in collective insurance after dismissal/resignation

If you participate in one of the collective insurance plans Leiden University has negotiated for its staff, your participation in this plan also ends, in principle, on the date upon which your contract ends.  Please check with your insurance company yourself whether you can continue to participate and under what conditions..

Further information about terminating or continuing the collective health insurance

Last Modified: 29-06-2016