P&O News 8 July 2016

You can arrange settlement of your gym membership via the Individual Choices Model

It was already possible to arrange for your gym membership subscription at the University Sport Centre to be paid via the Individual Choices Model Terms of Employment. From 15 July 2016 the same conditions apply to an annual subscription with Fit for Free sports clubs.

Maximum of €264.40
The maximum amount for this scheme is €264.40. This year you can offset the payment against your gross salary or your end of year bonus. Next year you can also use your holiday pay if you submit your application before 30 April.  If you use your gross salary or your end of year bonus, the application has to be submitted before 30 November.  

Only valid for annual subscriptions
This scheme only applies for annual subscriptions.  It is not possible to use the Individual Choices Model for monthly subscriptions. 

You can apply to have your Fit for Free annual subscription settled under this scheme via Self Service.

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Last Modified: 13-07-2016