P&O News 31 May 2016

New regulation on special leave

The new regulation on extraordinary leave comes into effect on 1 June 2016. This regulation supplements the arrangements set out in the Work and Care Act, the Working Hours Act and the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO NU).

Family and other circumstances
The new regulation sets out changes to a number of leave entitlements related to family and other circumstances. These include, for example, leave that an employee can take for his or her wedding or when entering into a registered partnership or a cohabitation contract. The last of these instances is a new clause in the regulation.

Birth of a child to the partner of an employee
For leave related to the birth of a child to the partner of an employee, reference is made to the Work and Care Act. Under the terms of this act, the employee has the right to leave for the birth itself, two days of postnatal care after the birth and three days of so-called paternity/partner leave. Contrary to the stipulations of the Work and Care Act, these three days are subject to full salary on the grounds of the Leiden University 2016 Regulation on Extraordinary Leave. Leave taken on the grounds of the new university regulation will not be deducted from any parental leave that may be taken at a later date.  

Expired rights
The right to extraordinary leave on a working day to mark 25, 40 and 50 years of service has now lapsed. The same applies to the right for extraordinary leave for the death of a family member 3 or 4 times removed.

The Leiden University 2016 Regulation on Special Leave was adopted in the meeting of the consultative bodies (in Dutch: Lokaal Overleg) on 21 April 2016.

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