Expiry of fixed-term contract

Termination of contract before expiry

You or the University can terminate a fixed-term contract before it is due to expire. Both the University and you must then observe a notice period, the duration of which depends on the duration of your contract. You can find further information in Chapter 8 of the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.

Remaining leave hours

In consultation with your line manager, you are expected to take your remaining leave hours before the end of your contract. You can find further information about termination or expiry of your contract in the Holiday Procedure. At the termination or expiry of your contract you receive the holiday allowance you have built up and a proportional amount of the annual bonus.

Careers Service

If you want to consider the next step in your career, your possibilities on the job market, applying for jobs or networking you can contact one of the University careers advisors.

More about the Careers Service


When your contract expires, you may be entitled to statutory (WW benefits) or non-statutory unemployment benefits (BWNU).

More about WW and BWNU


Once your contract has expired or been terminated the University will deregister you from the ABP Pension Fund. You can find further information about the ABP on the ABP website.

Participation in collective insurance

If you participate in one of the collective insurance plans that Leiden University has negotiated for its staff, your participation in this plan also ends, in principle, on the date upon which your contract ends. Read further information about terminating or continuing collective insurance plans.

Last Modified: 02-11-2016