Tax support

You are personally responsible for determining whether or not you are required to pay taxes in The Netherlands. Leiden University cannot assist in filling out your tax return. We do have an arrangement with our preferred supplier Limes International, an organisation specialised in trans-border taxation, which can also assist you in further tax matters. 

When the yearly tax return is due, you can make an in-house appointment to help you file your tax return. On the website, available times will be listed. You can make a reservation for a reduced-tariff appointment via the SCIS Service Portal. In case of too few applications, appointments may take place at Limes International's office. Information on tariffs and conditions is available at The special fee is applicable provided you bring along:

• Your DigiD details (login and password)


DigiD is short for Digital Identity. Having a DigiD enables  you to log on to various governmental websites and arrange your business online.  DigiD is only available if you are registered in a Dutch Municipality (gemeente) . Unfortunately, DigiD is only available in Dutch. Having a DigiD is not mandatory. However, if you want to use the tax support service, you will need a DigiD. Go to to start an application. This PDF will guide you through the simple application steps.  Within 5 work days, you will receive your activation code my mail. Be aware that you need to activate your account within 20 days.

• Your annual salary statement (“jaaropgaaf”)
• Information on bank accounts and investments.
• Relevant information regarding the own house in the Netherlands (WOZ value and mortgage interest paid).
• M-form, if applicable.

Last Modified: 23-01-2017