Having proper insurances is something to take into account when you take up residence in the Netherlands. Of all insurances you can think of health insurance is an insurance that demands your undivided attention. In some cases health insurance is even mandatory.

Even though we hope you will enjoy our country, accidents may happen. Leiden University offers a discount on a variety of private insurances. More information is available on the staff website. Please note that you are at liberty to choose any insurance company. If you are considering a combination of insurances, you may financially be better off to take out all insurances with the same company. Below we have outlined a few insurances you may find useful, just in case. 

Health insurance

Detailed information on health insurance is available on the Health insurance page.

Liability insurance (WA-verzekering)

This (strongly recommended) insurance protects a person or entity from claims initiated by another party. It is not compulsory to take out this insurance. Nevertheless, this insurance is rather cheap and in case of an accident, and you are at fault, you are covered for only a couple of euros a month. Leiden University offers you to a discount to various private insurances.

House and home (woonhuisverzekering/opstalverzekering)

If you are the proud owner of a home or apartment, you probably want to have it insured. In Dutch, these insurances are known as “woonhuisverzekering and opstalverzekering”. When you are in an apartment building, its Association of Owners (VVE) will take care of this insurance. A standard policy generally covers the financial consequences of fire, storm, flood and theft.

Home contents insurance (inboedelverzekering)

Regardless of if you are renting an apartment or are a home owner, a contents insurance covers all your personal possessions against fire, storm, flood and theft. For valuable possessions, you can take out an extra insurance (e.g. art, jewelry).

Travel insurance (reisverzekering)

Travel insurance is generally taken out when travelling to other countries. A basic insurance usually covers the lost of luggage, medical/additional expences and holiday cancellation. If you are considering a travel insurance, you should definitely look into the year-round-policy. This might be a cheaper solution than short-term insurance for every trip.

Car insurance (autoverzekering)

Just in case you forget to give the right of way to someone coming from your right, a car insurance might come in handy. It is compulsory for car owners to at least have a liability insurance. A basic policy generally covers damages such as: fire, explosions, lightning, theft and storm. The more years you drove without claiming damage, the lower your premium contribution will be. In the event of an accident, each person must fill in a claim report (provided by your insurance company) and send it to their respective insurance company. You can also find an English version here.

Legal expenses insurance (rechtsbijstandsverzekering)

As the name suggests, this insurance covers your legal costs. A policy mostly covers traffic accidents, consumer disputes, employment and medical issues. Please consult the fine print of your policy to check what you are exactly covered for. It is good to keep in mind that most insurance companies do not offer a free choice of lawyer.

Last Modified: 31-05-2016