Renting a house

Rental properties
Depending on the landlord, rental houses are offered in different varieties: unfurnished (ongemeubileerd), semi-furnished (gestoffeerd, contains some furnishings and carpeting, and possibly a number of appliances. You can ask for a complete list of what is included. This may differ per house.) or furnished (gemeubileerd, usually includes all furniture, appliances, carpeting, etc. Make sure to ask for an inventory list, so you can check if everything on the list is present before moving in).

Rental contract
Rental contracts are usually translated to English, and include the following items:
- rent, payable one month in advance
- deposit: a one-month deposit is customary, higher fees may be demanded
- annual adjustment of rent, based on increases in the cost of living
- user’s costs that are not included in the rent (i.e. utilities, municipal levies, garden maintenance)
- diplomatic clause, giving you the option to terminate the contract by giving two full months’ notice
- brokerage fee: typically one month’s rent, excluding 21% VAT
- clause on minor repairs
- clause stating that the occupant is responsible for yearly cleaning of central heating system, water boilers, chimney, gutters and draining pipes
- obligation to return property in same condition as accepted at the end of the rental period

A word of warning: a verbal contract is binding under Dutch law. Therefore, make absolutely sure that a property fits your demands before committing to renting it, either verbally or in writing.

Please note that, when renting a house, you may be eligible for a housing benefit.

Last Modified: 17-02-2016