Real estate agencies

You are advised to enlist the services of a real estate agent when looking for a house, preferably in the city in which you are looking for housing. Cities may have specific regulations – a local realtor can be expected to be aware of the city’s ins and outs.

Real estate agents charge a brokerage fee for their services. This usually is around 1-2% of a house’s purchase price or a fixed fee or percentage of the monthly rent in case of a rented house. Some agencies, specifically those focused on rental houses, may charge a subscription fee.

Much depends on how well the agent uses generally available information and selecting the appropriate properties for your requests and needs It is practical to only use one agent, but if you are not satisfied with the provided services, it is always possible to switch agents or agencies.

The website Funda offers an overview of houses for sale and rent in The Netherlands. In addition, real estate agencies such as Pararius, Verra Real Estate, Tweelwonen and The Hague Real Estate offer housing and relocation services for expats.

Last Modified: 08-03-2017