There are several options for childcare in The Netherlands.

Public daycare (kinderdagverblijf) is available for children between the age of six weeks to four years old, and run by fully qualified childcare staff. Opening hours are usually between 8 AM and 6 PM. You can make custom arrangements on the required amount of childcare days (or halfdays). Some centres even have the possibility to provide after-school care for children up to the age of 12.

After-school care (buitenschoolse opvang, BSO, or naschoolse opvang, NSO) is available for children between the ages of 4 and 12 after school hours.  Elementary schools may arrange this care for their pupils.

Guest parents (gastouderbureau) are basically self-employed childminders who can take care of a maximum of four children. Gastouders  either take care of the children in their own home, or may work in your home instead.

Finding a facility

Leiden University has reserved 50 daycare places exclusively for staff and students of Leiden University with Daycare Centre ‘De Kattekop’, which is located next to the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences on the Wassenaarseweg 8 in Leiden. 

If you work in The Hague, or if you prefer a daycare centre closer to home, there are several websites you can find childcare centres based on your zip code (postcode) and you can submit the maximum range of kilometers (1mi =1,6km). Most of these webpages are in Dutch. If your childcare centre or childminder is not registered on the government website, you are not eligible to any contributions in childcare costs.

Private websites (international Daycare Leiden) (International Daycare The Hague)  (English)

Childcare Costs and Allowances
Even though costs vary between childcare centers, on average costs are:
1 day a week
36 hours a month x €6,50 = €234
2 days a week
72 hours a month x €6,50 = €468
3 days a week
108 hours a month x €6,50= €702

The Dutch Government reimburses a substantial portion of the costs. You can apply for this child care allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag) online, using DigiD, via the Dutch tax office. The amount of reimbursement depends on the height of your income independent what type of childcare you choose to use. The allowance  can reduce childcare costs up to a maximum of 90 percent, depending income and the number of children.
Read more about child care and child benefit schemes on the Dutch Government website.

Last Modified: 16-02-2016