HR Strategy

The environment in which universities operate is rapidly changing: the number of international students is rising, the research in all faculties is increasingly conducted in an international context, it is increasingly becoming the responsibility of the academic staff themselves to secure research funding and recruit enough students to higher education (‘academic entrepreneurship’), and students are becoming more outspoken in their demand for inspiring and challenging teaching. All in all, the environment in which we work is becoming ever more competitive. It is therefore fair to expect researchers and lecturers to aspire to be among the best in their field. However, if they are to achieve this they will need committed, high-quality support staff.

HR Strategic Plan

A good university and faculty human resources strategy will help us achieve our shared ambition to make it to the top. This HR Strategic Plan for 2010–2014 sets out the strategy of human resources for the coming years and is closely related to the University Strategic Plan for 2010–2014.

Human Resources Strategic Plan 2010–2014 (pdf in Dutch)

University Strategic Plan

If our University wants to assume a leading position in the academic world and in society a critical success factor will be our staff; the quality of our staff will be a determining factor here. Our University aims to be an attractive institution for the best researchers and lecturers, in both the national and international market. We consequently recognises the need to offer career prospects and a good working environment to academic talent from within the University and elsewhere. This will enable our University to attract and retain top academics, and give them the opportunity to remain at the top of their field.

University Strategic Plan 2010-2014 (pdf)

Annual report

The 2010 Annual Report  (pdf in Dutch) includes information on developments in human resources strategy.

Staff in figures

You will find further information about the University staff on the facts and figures website.

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