Collective health insurance

The University has reached a new three-year collective health insurance agreement with Zorg en Zekerheid.

Zorg en Zekerheid collective health insurance policy

The University has a collective insurance agreement with Zorg en Zekerheid for staff members. A discount of 10% is given on the basic insurance policy and 15% on the supplementary insurance policies (aanvullende verzekeringen; AV) of your choice. The account number for international staff with Leiden University is 23230.

When you take out an new basic insurance policy in combination with a supplementary insurance policy the discount amounts to 25% for the latter in 2016. All new staff members can apply with immediate effect for these discounts. Other staff members can open up a health insurance policy with Zorg en Zekerheid as of the end of each year.

All information about the health insurance policies of Zorg en Zekerheid are found here:


  • You are entitled to a Fitness Check twice a year;
  • Participants can benefit from the ‘ZZ Discounts’;
  • If you regularly travel abroad, an annual insurance policy is useful. At Zorg and Zekerheid you receive a 20% discount on the premium and you are assured that your health insurance and travel insurance complement each other. 

Further information about the Zorg en Zekerheid insurance policies

For more information about the insurance policies at Zorg en Zekerheid you can:

Opening or cancelling a policy

You have the right to cancel your current insurance policy before January 1st. You then have to open another policy with another insurer before January 31st. For the basic insurance the insurer has an acceptance duty, which means that the insurer of your choice must accept you as a client. Zorg en Zekerheid does not make a selection for its supplementary insurance policies.

Foreign staff

Anyone who legally resides in the Netherlands or pays Dutch payroll tax is legally obliged to participate in the basic insurance. The health insurance is therefore also applicable to foreign staff members who receive a salary from our University.

Staff posted abroad

In some cases the basic insurance cover is insufficient if a staff member is posted abroad. It is often the case that although the staff member can stay insured under the Dutch basic insurance, his or her partner cannot because he or she is no longer viewed as a resident. For these staff members Zorg en Zekerheid has the possibility of opening a Global Travellers Insurance policy.

Right to participation after dismissal/resignation

Staff may participate in the collective insurance if they have a link with the University. If you are employed by the University, your right to participation in the collective health care insurance is clear. It is less clear once you are no longer employed by the University. As long as the University was the last employer from whom you received a salary, you are allowed to participate in the University’s collective health insurance plan. This means that you may participate in the collective health insurance if you receive a redundancy payment or pension as long as your contract ended immediately after an appointment at the University. If you find a job again after a period of redundancy payments, your right to participate in the collective health insurance lapses. The insurance can then either be terminated or can continue without the collective discount.

It is your duty to notify Zorg en Zekerheid that you are no longer entitled to the collective discount and you remain responsible for the correct registration with the insurer. If it becomes apparent in a random check that you are wrongly receiving the collective discount the insurer is allowed to demand the amount of premium that has not been paid.

Last Modified: 09-11-2016