Sales invoices

All sales activities, including cross-charging incurred costs to another faculty or unit, must be recorded by means of a sales invoice. The advantage of doing so is that the transaction is recorded in the administration and FSSC can monitor for you whether the client has made the payment.

How do I arrange for a sales invoice to be drafted and sent?

Project-related invoices are drafted and sent by the Financial Department or by the account manager of your faculty or unit. For other sales invoices, please use the form Create and send invoice (excel).

What you should do:

  • Enter all required information in the form 'Create and send invoice'. If any information is missing or unclear, the FSSC will send the form back to you for additional information or modifications.
  • In the header of the e-mail, always enter the e-mail address of the financial administration of the paying organisation as a CC. Send the completed form to your Financial Department or to the account manager of your own faculty or unit. Employees of the Science Faculty can send the form directly
  • If you want attachments to be sent along with the invoice, add these to your e-mail. After checking and if necessary editing your invoice, your Financial Department or the account manager of your faculty or unit will forward the request
  • FSSC is responsible for actually sending out the invoice. All external invoices are sent digitally by e-mail.

Internal sales invoices

For internal sales invoices, you can also use the form Create and send invoice (excel). Under ‘Order number’, enter the SAP number of the paying unit. The rest of the procedure is identical to the above-mentioned procedure for external sales invoices. The internal sales invoices are sent directly to the creditors work flow. The invoice is sent digitally to the activities officer and/or budget holder for approval.

In order to ensure that internal traffic is adequately coordinated, internal sales invoices can only be drafted by FSSC.

Sending multiple invoices quickly and efficiently
Do you have multiple invoices to send with nearly identical contents?
Please contact FSSC We have a special form which allows us to quickly and easily send multiple invoices (bulk invoicing).

How do I ensure that a previously sent sales invoice is credited?

If it becomes apparent that a previously sent invoice has to be credited, you should inform FSSC of this fact by email. Important information which should be included in the crediting request:

  • Reference to the original invoice (if necessary request invoice number from client).
  • Customer number or client details
  • Original invoice amount
  • Reason for the crediting request

A crediting request for a sales invoice from the client (contracting party for the claim) will be received bij FSSC.

Last Modified: 22-07-2014