Project Management

In managing a project, there are a number of financial-administrative aspects that play an important role throughout the entire duration of the project, from the preparatory phase (application) up to and including the final settling of accounts.

Control and accountability

Financial-administrative activities form an important component of project management because they are necessary for ensuring reliable information, which is in turn required for the control and accountability of the project. Project management takes place within the conditions set by internal and external rules and the regulations specified in the subsidy or assignment. In administering the project, attention should at least be paid to the financial administration, timekeeping, maintaining a comprehensive file on the assignment, ensuring the file is properly closed and invoicing.

As part of the implementation of the Regulations on Working for Third Parties, the Guidelines for Project Management include the further specification of the rules for project management within the University. For further information, please contact your department controller.

Last Modified: 01-12-2015