Financial Handbook

The Financial Handbook contains all the relevant financial regulations.

Introduction Financial Handbook

The Introduction to the Financial Handbook (pdf; only available in Dutch) is a document discussing the main aspects of the University’s financial policy and management. The introduction includes such matters as laws and regulations, the organisation and finance department, University resources and their allocation, and the planning & control cycle.

Content Financial Handbook

The Financial Handbook contains the agreements that apply to the financial management of the University. The management of the Financial Handbook falls under the responsibility of the Financial and Economic Affairs Department (Bestuursbureau/FEZ).
The Financial Handbook consists of the following components:

  • Introduction Financial Handbook.
  • Guidelines. The guidelines specify for each of the University’s units and for various aspects of financial administration the internal agreements and directions on the basis of the laws and regulations in force. The Financial Handbook includes, for example, regulations on Accounting Principles, VAT, Treasury, Rates and Insurances, Personnel Facilities, Hiring Personnel on a Temporary Basis, and Fiscal Administration of Expenses.
  • A section on process descriptions, which describes the administrative processes used within the FSSC.
  • The Product Catalogue of the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC).
  • Information on regulations and an overview of contracts for University purchases.
  • The AIC Audit Charter.


The Financial Handbook falls under Sharepoint Financial Handbook. If you wish to have access to the Financial Handbook, please contact your department controller, who can if necessary refer you further to the BB/FEZ department: 
Ms K.I. van der Top,

Last Modified: 14-03-2013