Working for Third Parties

If you are considering working for third parties, the activities have to be carried out under the conditions of the Regulations on Working for Third Parties 2015.

Rates & Integral Cost Price

The rates that have to be used to calculate the integral cost price of working for third parties are determined on a yearly basis by the Executive Board and can be obtained on request from the financial department of your unit.

Project Management

In managing a project, there are a number of financial-administrative aspects that play an important role throughout the entire duration of the project, from the preparatory phase (application) up to and including the final settling of accounts.


Both when purchasing and when selling goods and services, you should take into account the fact that VAT must be paid or transferred. In particular when doing research on assignment, when working for third parties, when borrowing and hiring out personnel and when purchasing goods abroad, it is important to have a clear idea beforehand of the accompanying VAT costs.