Register a new programme

If you are planning a new study programme at Leiden University, you have to follow a number of steps. These steps are listed below.

  1. First of all, any intentions to launch a new programme must be discussed within the university, and the initiators must secure the faculty’s support for their plans.
  2. The faculty board then discusses the proposal with the Executive Board. This involves answering the following questions: Does the proposed programme match the profile of Leiden University? How many interested students is the programme expected to attract? What are the costs of this programme? Etc.
  3. If the Executive Board also supports the plans, they are submitted for assent to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) with the goal of establishing an effective distribution of tasks across the institutions involved. This requires an investigation, which is conducted by the Committee for Sustainable Higher Education (CDHO) on the basis of the Policy Regulation for Sustainable Higher Education. The application should include a report of the consultation conducted by the University with other institutions offering similar programme in the Netherlands (both on the academic university level and on the university for professional education level).
  4. Once the Minister has granted permission, the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) is asked to conduct a New Programme Test, which aims to investigate whether the proposed programme meets the set quality requirements. This test also includes a visit on location in the course of which a panel of experts interviews the faculty board, the programme board, the teachers and possibly students.
  5. If the NVAO comes to a positive decision, the programme is registered in the Central Register of Study Programmes in Higher Education (CROHO). Once permission has been obtained from the University Council and the Supervisory Board, the programme is included in the Leiden Register of Study Programmes and therefore also in the Management and Administration Regulations of the university.
  6. Subsequently, you can start to recruit and enrol students, and the programme can officially be launched.

Pre-registration new programme

The various steps listed above involve gathering a number of documents with the required information. It is important to contact the Academic Affairs Department as early as possible in the process, so that they can guide and help you in composing the final programme dossier. To this end you can contact Drs M.A.P. Schreuder, telephone 071 527 1401.

Last Modified: 21-07-2014