Academic Affairs

The Department of Academic Affairs (Academische Zaken, AZ), a component of the Administration and Central Services, is responsible for devising strategy and advising the Executive Board on policy regarding broad issues such as teaching, research, internationalisation, collaboration and legislation.

The Academic Affairs Department is responsible for informing and advising the faculties and for achieving consensus in the above-mentioned policy areas, for instance in the context of management agreements.

Tasks in the field of education policy

  • Preparatory phases of decision-making regarding the programmes offered. Registration of study programmes in the Leiden Register of Study Programmes and the Central Register of Study Programmes in Higher Education (CROHO).
  • Preparatory phases of application for accreditation for new and existing study programmes. Maintaining contacts with NVAO and CDHO in this context.
  • In collaboration with the Legal Affairs Department, translating statutory legislation into educational practice.
  • Quality assurance of education: developing policy, establishing procedures, implementing advice, achieving national consensus.
  • Study success: developing policy and supporting the promotion of study success, for example in the context of performance agreements made with OCW. This involves such aspects as the Leiden Study System, the Binding Study Advice, student supervision, choice of study programme, developing excellence education, etc.
  • Online learning: advice and support.
  • Selection and admission: developing policy, establishing procedures, implementing advice.
  • Internationalisation of education: cooperative relations, attracting international students, promoting study abroad, etc.

Tasks in the field of teaching, research and administration policy

  • Advising on strategic matters
  • Establishing institutional plan
  • Preparing for board consultations: Executive Board – Faculties, cooperative relation LDE (Leiden/ TUD/ EUR), VSNU, OCW, Leiden Municipality and region, LERU (League of European Research Universities), etc.
  • Professors: nomination and appointment policy
  • Academic integrity: developing policy, establishing procedures, implementing advice
  • Following developments in legislation and achieving consensus with respect to decisions and legislation between faculties and central services

Last Modified: 21-07-2014