International Credit Mobility

Since 2015 it has been possible to request Erasmus+ subsidies for student and staff exchange with institutions outside the European Union. This component of Erasmus+ is called International Credit Mobility.

At present grants are only awarded for the purpose of study and staff exchange. Grants for traineeships and internships are not (yet) available.


Each institution must submit a single application for the whole institution, containing all international exchange projects for both incoming and outgoing mobility. Students and staff cannot request a subsidy directly. Applications from Leiden University are administered by the International Relations department at SEA.

When submitting an application the institution must answer four ‘quality questions’ for each collaboration project. The quality of the application is judged on the basis of these four criteria:

• Relevance of the strategy;
• Quality of the cooperation arrangements;
• Quality of project design and implementation;
• Impact and dissemination.

Each project is evaluated by the Erasmus+ national agency (EP-Nuffic). Projects that score highest have priority in terms of the awarding of subsidies.

Before exchanges can take place, collaborating institutions must sign a “inter-institutional agreement” in which the principles of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) are stated.


The next deadline for applications is 2 February 2017. As the International Relations office coordinates and submits the application for Leiden University, please contact Bas Bilijam before 15 December 2016 if you are interested in starting an International Credit Mobility project with a non-EU partner.

Budget 2017

The available budget for the different regions is:
• Western Balkans: € 768.359
• Eastern Partnership countries: € 672.912
• South-Mediterranean countries: € 890.898
• Russian Federation: € 422.102
• Asia: € 585.594
• Central Asia: € 164.728
• Latin America: € 190.437
• Iran, Iraq, Yemen: € 81.101
• South Africa: € 53.322
• Africa: € 184.617
• Other Industrialized countries
o US & Canada: € 190.638
o Industrialised Asia, Australia, New Zealand: € 202.269

For detailed information about the available budget and conditions please consult the website of the national Erasmus+ agency.

Leiden examples

In this news item you will find information on International Credit Mobility projects in Leiden.


For more information about International Credit Mobility, or if you are interested in starting an exchange project with an institution outside of the EU, please contact Bas Bilijam.

Last Modified: 17-11-2016