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The Leiden University Library (Universitaire Bibliotheken Leiden, UBL) is an infinitely more useful tool than teachers might expect. The UBL offers such information as copyright tips on Blackboard, training programmes in information skills for your students, or the use of library collections in your teaching.

Blackboard en copyright

Blackboard is the Electronic Learning Environment of Leiden University. Here educational tools are made available for students. When published works are made available to students in Blackboard, for educational use, a distinction is made between short and long parts. The rules about using short and long parts in Blackboard and several tips are given on the website of Leiden University Library.

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Information skills in education

The Leiden University Libraries have a full range of search-skill workshops for university research institutes and departments, to be used as part of your course programme. Library instructions are tailored to specific students' research needs. Take your pick of the following possible items:

  • Search strategies for databases and the web
  • Evaluating information sources
  • Plagiarism Workshop
  • Thesis Workshop
  • Searching the Catalogue
  • Using the Special Collections
  • EndNote

The UB also provides a number of lecture and instruction rooms (information only available in Dutch) for use that is related to library instruction and the exceptional collections.

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