Educational support units

Support units in the field of education include the Expertise Centre for Student and Educational Affairs, ICLON and the faculty student services centres.

Student and Educational Affairs Expertise Centre

Within Leiden University, the Student and Educational Affairs (SEA) expertise centre offers a number of products in the field of admission, enrolment and guidance for all (international) students. In addition, SEA is also responsible for a large number of student and education-related facilities.


The Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (Interfacultair Centrum voor Lerarenopleiding, Onderwijsontwikkeling en Nascholing, ICLON) is responsible for providing orientation on teaching in the bachelor’s phase and the first-degree teacher’s training programme following the completion of a substantive master’s programme. It also offers educational services and carries out projects for third parties within and outside the region; it supports the quality assurance of Leiden University education, and conducts its own scientific research.

Faculty-level educational organisations

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