The e-Prospectus provides students with an overview of the study programmes and courses which they can follow at Leiden University. The administration of the prospectus is divided into a central and a decentralised level.

Website (frond-end)

The link to the 'front-end' (the part that students see) of the Leiden University e-Prospectus is https://studiegids.leidenuniv.nl/

Technical and content-related support

For questions regarding contents or technical aspects, please contact us at the following address:

Functional Management e-Prospectus
+31 (0)71 527 4896

Faculty editors

For editorial questions at faculty level:

Laura van Hoof

Campus The Hague 
Quino Broer van Dijk

Auke Ruhe

Griet Baelus

Social Sciences
Gwen Wolters

Nathalie Borst

Editorial guide for the e-Prospectus

The editorial guide leads editors through the e-Prospectus system. The following matters are covered in the guide:

  • Creating a course for a new year
  • Linking a course to a study programme
  • 'Packages' such as minors, internships and pre-master’s
  • The 'bundle functionality'
  • A clear and workable summary

The e-Prospectus Editor Manual (English)

Course template style and formatting

In order to ensure that the information in the e-Prospectus is clear and straightforward, we have created a uniform course template. This template determines the format of the courses and therefore also of the e-Prospectus pages. The template can be used for offline storage and management of course descriptions and the completed template fields can easily be copied to the Prospectus. In addition, the template simplifies communication with the teacher. When handing in courses for the new year, he or she can simply indicate in the template whether there are any changes.

The course template (English)

Last Modified: 16-01-2015