Educational facilities

Educational support units

Support units in the field of education include the Expertise Centre for Student and Educational Affairs, ICLON and the faculty student services centres.


The e-Prospectus provides students with an overview of the study programmes and courses which they can follow at Leiden University. The administration of the prospectus is divided into a central and a decentralised level.

Library and education

The Leiden University Library (Universitaire Bibliotheken Leiden, UBL) is an infinitely more useful tool than teachers might expect. The UBL offers such information as copyright tips on Blackboard, training programmes in information skills for your students, or the use of library collections in your teaching.

Academic calendar

The academic year officially commences on 1 September and ends on 31 August. On collective closing days the university is closed and no lectures take place. The academic calendar applies to the whole university and to all study programmes (with the exception of medicine).